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Covid-19 Update: Online consultations now available via Zoom. E mail us for a secure link and to meet with no obligation. If needed we are happy to provide technical guidance to get you connected to us.

At the moment there is a place for hypnotherapy in helping clients improve their life through gaining self-understanding, confidence and achieving well-being.

Being able to unload your issues and emotions without being judged knowing you are being heard, sometimes for the first time allows you to unload and release feelings you may have carried for a long time.

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Sue & Richard

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Some kind words from people we have helped

“Sue is so good!” I feel so relaxed and calm and finding ways to help with my confidence is really helping towards my goal”

JG Acle

Thanks to Sue for her Stop Smoking sessions. Her support made the difference to this attempt being a success.

KD, Great Yarmouth