Welcome to Our Hypnotherapy

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So Why Choose Us?

Richard & Sue Fraser are two Clinical Hypnotherapists who believe there is a firm place for hypnotherapy in helping clients improve their life and achieve balance and well being. We use the term “Our”, not because you see two therapists, but because we are a married couple.

We have a friendly and caring approach and work in relaxed and professional environments, which enables you to feel comfortable and confident from your first contact with us.

Although we use the term Hypnotherapy we offer a choice of tailored solutions including but not exclusively Hypnotherapy. We discuss and guide you through our options to give you the choice and outcome you want.

See Sue OR Richard, you choose.

Meet Sue & Richard


Sue Fraser

RGN Dip. Hyp TFT-Alg CHNC (hypno) Licensed NLP Practitioner

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Nurse and to help people.

I loved working in General Practice and getting to know patients and their friends and families and supporting them holistically through a huge range of health issues. I bring that commitment and experience of Person-Centred Care into my therapy.

I believe in everyone being able to achieve balance and harmony in their lives and personally know how much Hypnotherapy can help.

My special interests include women’s health and also anxiety and trauma relating to physical health, including needle phobia, epilepsy, managing life changing conditions and loss of mobility through to smoking cessation and weight management.

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Richard Fraser

Dip. Hyp. TFT-Alg Licensed NLP Practitioner

Hi, I’m Richard. I have a background of working within the Emergency Services spending just over 30 years working from different parts of the UK. During this time I dealt with a lot of trauma and grief, often having to tell people bad news about their loved ones. This often left you feeling quite helpless in what you could do to help people cope at these very difficult times.

Like Sue, I started in my role with the desire to help others, my main interest is in helping others cope with anxiety, grief and trauma, all of which can go on to affect us in so many negative and painful ways. Memories will always be with us, but they can be managed effectively to allow us to move on in our lives.

Today I see that goal very much at the forefront of what I do, but today I use the techniques of Hypnotherapy, NLP and TFT; working with clients at a different level to achieve their individual goals.

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